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Tom Bozigian Teaches Armenian Dance

Carina Karakashian
Staff Writer

pg.-4-Bozigian-groupFresno State students and guests woke up exhausted on Sunday, February 1st, following a weekend full of nothing but Armenian dancing! Special guest instructor, Tom Bozigian, came to Fresno State for the third year in a row to add to the diversity of classes offered by the Armenian Studies Program.

The Armenian 120-T course began Friday evening at 5pm. Twenty-five Fresno State students were in attendance, intrigued to learn more about the dances of the Armenian culture. The first session ended at 10pm with a number of dances taught. The second session began bright and early Saturday morning at 9am. The session began with a review of the dances taught the prior evening and continued until 5 pm.

About ten dances were taught to the students in this single weekend. The history and origin of each dance was taught, along with the steps. The dances taught originated in various parts of Armenia ranging from Van to Erzerum. Some of the dances that were taught during this weekend included “Chors Goghk,” “Agar Magar,” and “Yerzengatzi Tamzara.” A great number of these dances were taught with the special hope of revitalizing Armenian dancing in the Central Valley.

pg.-4-Bozigian-dance2Dance instructor Tom Bozigian is a Fresno native. As a graduate of Fresno State, he has always had a special connection with the Armenian community of Fresno. Bozigian has traveled all over the world learning original Armenian dances and teaching them to various communities. He attended a dance school in Armenia where he gained most of his dancing expertise. He now teaches in Glendale, California, where he has established his own dance studio.

This dance class has had another successful year and all who attended are already looking forward to what’s in store next spring!