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Students Reactions to “The Promise”

pg. 5-Andrew Esguerra-finalAndrew Esguerra

 What was your first reaction to “The Promise”?

One of the most surprising things about this movie was how few of the main actors were actually Armenian, but when I saw them on screen, I saw people that I thought could be part of my family. I looked at them and could see my ancestors, a friend from church, or a relative. I felt that they captured that very well, which added an addition emotional layer for me as an Armenian viewer.


Marina Chardukianpg. 5-Marina Chardukian-1-final


What was your first reaction to “The Promise”?

When I first heard about “The Promise,” I was really excited to see it because it was the first big movie about the Armenian Genocide I would see in a theater. It was interesting to follow one family’s journey to try and escape death knowing that every family has their own story of triumph.

Why is a movie like this important?

Movies like this are important because they educate people about an issue that the world refuses to recognize.


pg. 5-David Safrazian-finalDavid Safrazian


What scene stood out and why?

My favorite scene was when Anna said “our revenge will be to survive.” Since the Turkish government tried to erase Armenians from existence, this is what they did not want. Today we flourish and thrive all over the world, and that is better than any other kind of revenge.

Why is a movie like this important?

It tells a history that many don’t know about and show the truth and horror that happened to so many people.


Photos: Michael Rettig