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Student Quotes What do you think about April 24th?

Staff Report

April 24th, 2000 will mark the 85th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. What does this day mean to you?

Mano Handian,
Senior majoring in Graphic Design

“Here we are 85 years later remembering the Genocide as if it was yesterday. We Armenians have a big wound which will not heal until we are heard all over the world and justice has been done.”

Jude Dunbar,
Junior majoring in Geography

“This is a day for me to put everything in perspective and thank God for everything I have and take for granted. My grandmother lost all five of her siblings she had during the Genocide and she was able to live a full life with a positive outlook on everything. I can only hope and pray that I would be strong enough to get through such a dramatic experience.

Aaron Emerzian,
Junior majoring in Mass Communications

“This day marks a very sensitive and memorable event.”

Brian Serimian,
Junior majoring in Business

“To take the present day for all it’s worth, and let our hopes and dreams be the guides for our future.”