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Social History Project

Staff Report

The Armenian Studies Program and the History Department at California State University, Fresno continue to work on the Social History Project focusing on the Armenian Experience in Fresno County. It is essential that the voice of Armenians be preserved on tape and that their contributions to the development of the Valley and the State of California be documented. The project is seeking the following in both paid and voluntary capacity:

1) Interviewees-If you know of someone who has a story to tell, or if you, yourself would like to be interviewed, please contact us. Interviews will be carried out in either English or Armenian.

2) Interviewers-We need people to carry out interviews. We will organize training sessions and provide guidance in interview methods.

3) Transcribers-We welcome people who would be interested in transcribing the tapes. Far too often, individuals are interviewed and the audio tapes are inaccessible. We must have them transcribed to hard copy.

4) We are also collecting the following: Photographs, letters, clippings, flyers, newsletters and bulletins, diaries and journals, constitutions and minutes of organizations and any other memorabilia. We will copy items at our expense and return the originals to you. For further information please contact Professor Isabel Kaprielian at 278-6493.

Research requirements:
Students who are engaged in the following research require further information:

1. Armenians who came to the United States by way of China or Japan.
2. Armenians who entered the United States via Mexico or Cuba.
3. We are looking for photos, programs, flyers, or posters about Armenian concerts, picnics, hantes’, feast, or festivals. We will copy at our expense.
4. Information on Lady Diana Agabeg Apcar.