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Armenian Studies Program Celebrates 40th Anniversary at 29th Annual Gala Banquet

L. to R.: Assoc. Dean Honora Chapman, Dean Saúl Jiménez-
Sandoval; Dr. Mary Papazian, Dr. Joseph Castro, First Lady
Mary Castro, Dr. Sergio La Porta, Prof. Barlow Der Mugrdechian,
Dr. Dennis Papazian, and Prof. Hagop Ohanessian.
Photo: Hourig Attarian

Aramayis Orkusyan Staff Writer The Armenian Studies Pro-gram 29th Annual Banquet, held on Sunday, March 19 at the Ft. Washington Golf and Country Club, was a special occasion that marked the Program’s 40th anniversary. Distinguished guests, alumni, and students gathered to celebrate the success of students and the ever-growing Armenian Studies Program, which has become the preeminent Armenian Studies Program ...

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April 24 Armenian Genocide Commemoration at Fresno State

The Armenian Students Organization commemorated the
Armenian Genocide on Monday, April 24.
Photo: Raffi Mouradian

Claire Kasaian Staff Writer The Armenian Students Organization held a “Multicultural Genocide Awareness Event” on Thursday, April 20, to raise awareness about genocides around the world. The event also served to bring attention to the Genocide Commemoration planned for Monday, April 24. ASO students set up tables in the Free Speech area of campus, with posters and banners providing information ...

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“The Promise” Opens in Theatres Nationwide- Hye Sharzhoom Covers Student Reaction

pg. 1-Promise image

Barlow Der Mugrdechian Advisor Armenians have long awaited a “Genocide Movie” to bring the story of the Armenian Genocide to a broad audience. Maybe it has been a wish that has had too much expectation built in to it, so that no movie could ever be made to be the movie. However it has been important to have such a ...

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Fethiye Çetin “Echo of Silence”

Left to right: Dr. Sergio La Porta, Prof. Hagop Ohanessian,
Prof. Ani Kasparian, Fethiye Çetin, Prof. Barlow Der Mugrdechian,
and Greg Gostanian.
Photo: Hourig Attarian

Anto Sakayan Staff Writer The Armenian Studies Program was privileged to welcome Turkish lawyer and human rights activist Fethiye Çetin to give a talk on “Echo of Silence” on Wednesday, April 26, at St Paul Armenian Church in Fresno. Çetin spoke in Fresno as part of a nation-wide speaking tour and was accompanied by Ani Kasparian of Detroit, who read ...

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“Lost Birds” Premieres at April 7 CineCulture Event

Left to right: Dr. Mary Husain, Directors Ela Almayac and
Aren Perdeci, and Prof. Barlow Der Mugrdechian.
Photo: Hourig Attarian

Marine Vardanyan Staff Writer Described as the first Armenian Genocide movie to make a Turkish audience cry, Lost Birds premiered in Fresno on Friday, April 7, as part of the CineCulture Film Series. The Armenian Studies Program, a sponsor of the screening, invited directors Ela Almayac and Aren Perdeci from Istanbul to speak about their film. Armenian Studies Program Coordinator ...

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Congratulations Armenian Studies Minors and Graduating Seniors for 2016-2017

pg. 4-Haverj S.-1-final

Haverj Stanboulian Biology Minor in Armenian Studies What encouraged you to take an Armenian Studies course? I wanted to stay connected to my Armenian roots and expand my knowledge about our amazing culture and history. What did you value most from your experiences in the Armenian Studies Program? The Armenian Studies Program has a great community of Armenians who are ...

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Armenia Focus of Presentation at International Coffee Hour

Left to right: Kara Statler, Claire Kasaian, and Arthur Khatchatrian.
Photo: Michael Rettig

Diana Gasparyan Staff Writer At the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester, ASO was invited to give a presentation at the International Coffee Hour (ICH), a Fresno State series that is held every Tuesday from 2-3pm in the Henry Madden Library. The ICH is unique in that it brings people of diverse backgrounds to share their culture, history, and customs ...

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Dr. Ümit Kurt Explores Motivations of “Ordinary” Genocide Perpetrators in Talk on Aintab

Left to right: Kara Statler, Dr. Ümit Kurt, Michael Rettig, Dikran Dzhezyan, and Prof. Hagop Ohanessian.
Photo: Barlow Der Mugrdechian

Michael Rettig Editor When one typically thinks of the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide, they usually have in mind high-ranking officials who directed policy, such as Talaat, Enver, or Djemal Pasha. The term “perpetrator” might also conjure up images of gendarmes and soldiers herding Armenian refugees through the desert. However perpetrators were often ordinary people, emphasized Dr. Umit Kurt in ...

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ASO “Member of the Semester”

Diana Gasparyan, left, with David Safrazian.
Photo: Michael Rettig

  Diana Gasparyan Staff Writer The Armenian Students Organization has started many new initiatives this semester, with a silent auction at the Armenian Studies Program 29th Annual Banquet, and a Frozen Yogurt fundraiser. ASO is introducing an award, called the “Member of the Semester,” recognizing a member who has demonstrated exceptional effort in assisting with club events and volunteer work. ...

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ASO Enjoys Spring Semester Activities and Volunteering

ASO members at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
Photo: ASP Archive

Diana Gasparyan Staff Writer In the past few months, the Armenian Students Organization has held several socials, events, and fundraisers. The executive team was constantly occupied with planning, organizing, and collaborating on new ideas. There was an even balance between socials and volunteer events, mixing enjoyment and work throughout the semester. The ideas to fundraise arose due to the anticipation ...

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