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New Professor Enjoys Writing and Saroyan

By Talin Mekhitarian
Staff Writer

Michael Krekorianís life has been filled with success, especially at times when he is underestimated.  While having many interests, it has been difficult for him to decide on which to follow.  Born in Culver City, California, he grew up a young Armenian trying to learn more about his heritage.  After high school he attended California State University, Northridge.  There he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology.  It was during his graduate studies at San Diego State University that his life changed dramatically.

While in his graduate studies he discovered what he really wanted to do, write.  He switched his major to English Literature and his life was forever changed.  While attending school he held various jobs such as mechanic, teachers aid, and catering.  In 1977 he published his first short story, “Steve, are you staying?” Eventually he transferred to UC-Irvine where he received his Master of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing in 1980.  Since then he has been trying to balance his writing career with his teaching career.

After graduating he got part-time jobs at UC-San Diego and San Diego State University teaching Creative Writing.  In 1987 he met his wife, Alice, who also has interest in writing and poetry.  After leaving his job in 1989 he published his first book of short stories, “Corridor,” in 1990.  He never worked full-time because while working part-time he could still write.  He then worked at UC-Riverside for a few years in the English Department.  He also gave lectures at various universities including Fresno State.  He published his second book of short stories “Channel Zero” in 1996.

Now he is teaching several courses at Fresno State including Armenian Studies 10.  He is here to replace Dr. Kouymjian who is on sabbatical leave.  Michael Krekorian is liked greatly by his students because of his genuine personality and his discussion group teaching style.  Next semester he will be teaching a Saroyan class and an Armenian Film class.