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Music & Record Donations

A Treasury of Armenian Chants, compiled and annotated by Shahan Arzruni, NewYork: St. Vartan’s Press, 1994, 169 pages with a bibliography of Armenian music,produced by Harold G. Hagopian, Traditional Crossroads.
donated by John Garabedian of Fresno, California.

Blood, Esta, Five Armenian Folksongs, 1995, sheet music scored for piano, fluteand guitar, published by Frank E. Warren, P. O. Box 650006, W. Newton, MA02165.

Djivan Gasparyan, solo duduk, Apricots from Eden, compact disk, with VachikAvakian, duduk, Levon Arshakung, d’hol, produced by Harold G. Hagopian,Traditional Crossroads, P.O. Box 20320, Greeley Square State, NY, NY10001-9992. Mr. Hagopian, violinist and music producer, was a former student ofthe Armenian Studies Program.

Works of Kemani Tatyos Efendi, compact disk, Kudsi Erguner Ensemble,