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May 2001 Graduates with ASP Minors

jackJack Arikian

I plan to begin working at JP Marketing, a full-service advertising agency after our trip to Armenia. ASP has given me the opportunity to build relationships with other Armenian students. The program has effectively united college students through their teachings.

I will most miss the relationships that I have developed with students and professors. I would like to thank the Armenian Studies Program for counseling me and assisting me with my studies. The Armenian Studies Program has helped me achieve my personal goals I established 4 years ago when I enrolled at Fresno State.

arakelArakel Arisian
Business Administration/Finance

Upon graduation I will travel to Armenia for three weeks and then I will get married on August 11, 2001 to Talin Mekhitarian. I plan to work in a business related field for one to two years. After gaining work experience I will pursue a graduate degree in business.

The ASP has given me knowledge in a variety of topics including art, architecture, history, literature, and painting. These courses have given me a more well-rounded education.

My favorite Armenian Studies course was Armenian Art because it was a relatively new topic for me and combined different aspects of Armenian Art and Culture.

The thing that I will miss most is spending time with my fellow Armenian students during breaks and lunch at the ASO booth or in-front of Carl’s Jr.

nazikNazik A. Arisian
Business-Human Resource Management

After graduation, I will study for the GMAT and take it in the next few months. I will then enroll in the Craig School of Business in the Spring of 2002. After obtaining a Masters, I want to teach at the Community College level or try to find a position as a lecturer at Fresno City College. Courses in Armenian Studies have allowed me to appreciate history (in general), literature, art, and humanity.

I enjoyed all of the Armenian classes but I particularly enjoyed the literature classes. Armenian literature is so rich, even when it is translated into English. I also enjoyed the Arts of Armenia and the Armenian Manuscript classes. Dr. Kouymjian is a wonderful professor with so much knowledge to impart. Professor Der Mugrdechian also has shown me that the Armenian culture is rich with religious and intellectual back-ground through our church liturgy and literature.

I enjoyed presenting my paper on the people of Musa Dagh (40 days of Musa Dagh). My comparison of the novel and the actual events of the time was unique and is something that I can pursue and research more in depth in the future. I am really going to miss taking Armenian classes. I wish Fresno State had a Masters Program in Armenian Studies. I would be enrolled in it for sure.

In the beginning I used to refer to myself as a “reborn Armenian.” Even though I grew up in an Armenian environment, I did not know much regarding Armenian culture. Taking the required classes to minor in Armenian was one of the better experiences I got at Fresno State. The process opened my eyes to so many issues. I feel more complete as an Armenian and as an American after taking the classes. I am much more knowledgeable in Armenian issues now. I feel like I can intelligently discuss with other Armenians and non-Armenians about Armenian issues and history.

johnJohn Jabagchourian

After graduation and the trip to Armenia, I will begin the doctoral program in education and child and adolescent development at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I plan to become a university professor and researcher in cognitive development and learning. Who knows, I may come back to teach at Fresno State and perhaps relieve Barlow Der Mugrdechian of his Hye Sharzhoom advisor duties.

In taking Armenian Studies courses, I had the opportunity to learn the importance of cultural diversity. It has given me a more detailed explanation of how culture shapes people’s lives and behaviors, not just of Armenian culture but all cultures.

My favorite Armenian Studies course was Arts of Armenia because there were a bunch of us friends in there and we got into a number of long discussions with Dr. Kouymjian about architecture, manuscript illuminations, and ceramics that never seemed to end. It was a lot of fun trying to stump Dr. Kouymjian’s expertise with hundreds of questions. Safe to say we were never successful.

My most memorable experience was the week Prof. Der Mugrdechian and I were experimenting to put together the first full-color issue of the Hye Sharzhoom and of any student paper for that matter. We had to figure out a new way to do the layout and properly tone pictures. We had no idea if the paper was going to come out right. The day of publishing, I went to one of the on-campus newsstands, closed my eyes, and grabbed a paper. When I opened my eyes I was exhilarated to find out that the risk we took paid off. I hope you would agree.

I would like to thank first and foremost my parents, Jerry and Aroos Jabagchourian, for the unconditional support they gave me through school and continue to give me in my future endeavors. I also want to thank my brothers, Garo and Ara, who always looked out for me and for being my true role models. Lastly, I want to thank all my friends for making the last four years a lot of fun.

Talin A. Mekhitarian
Business Administration/Marketing

Following graduation, I will be traveling to Armenia to visit my homeland with members of the Armenian Students Organization. Upon returning from my trip, I plan to obtain a marketing position in the fashion industry while finalizing preparations for my wedding on August 11, 2001. Eventually, I would like to return to school to acquire a Masters degree in Business.

As I look back and remember all of the Armenian Studies courses I was enrolled in, I realized how much they helped me to better understand how I am as a person of Armenian descent. The courses have given me a strong foundation in a broad range of subjects and have opened my eyes to new ideas and perspectives.

My favorite Armenian Studies course was Armenian Literature because I really enjoyed reading and learning about Armenian poems and fables. It was a very interesting and informative course.

My most memorable experience was the Armenian Students Organization Convention we sponsored at Fresno State in Fall 1998. I met a lot of new people and was able to discuss issues relevant to the young Armenians.

NakashianAra Nakashian

After graduation, I plan to get into the fashion industry and eventually advertise my own clothing line. I learned a lot in my courses, especially the Armenian history courses, which discuss our origins. I would recommend these courses to anybody.

My favorite Armenian Studies course was Armenian Painting. I’m into art, and this class gave me a better understanding of the Arts of Armenian and Armenian Christian Art.

I surely won’t miss the exams and term papers, but I will miss hanging out at lunchtime with my friends and deciding if we should go to our next class or not.

First of all I want to thank God for giving me health and success; without him I would not have made it here. Second, I want to thank my parents, Jack and Margaret, for raising me correctly and pointing me into the right direction. I don’t know where I would be without their love and education. Another very important person I want to thank is my brother Garo, he opened up the path in life and I followed. He taught me a lot in school and in life, I’m lucky to have such a family.