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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

We got introduced with your newspaper Hye Sharzhoom via the representative of USDA in Armenia Jim Richardson, and we are interested very much. We would like to collaborate with the editor of Hye Sharzhoom.
Editorial centre Agropress  is the news agency of the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Armenia. In our editorial centre TV and radio programs are being carried out, newspaper Agrolratu (Agroinformation) and scientific magazine Agrogitutiun (Agroscience) are being published. The articles of leading scientists dedicated to research works and achievements in the sphere of agriculture are being published in the magazine Agroritutiun. The articles are in Armenian including summaries in Russian and in English.

If you are interested in our suggestion , please send us a message to Armenian office or to USDA of editorial centre Agropress.
With best wishes,

A. Khojoyan
Editor in Chief, Agropress
Yerevan, Armenia

Dear Dr. Kouymjian:

Just a short note to thank you for your good letter and also for sending me Alice K Barterís  Saroyanís Armenians, an Anthology. It was very kind and generous of you and I do appreciate it. You have always been most kind and generous though the years and I appreciate it and am most grateful for it.

Iím very proud of all that you have done and are doing for all the Armenians everywhere, and not only at CSUF. May God watch over you and bless you for all that you do . You and the Armenian Studies Program at CSU Fresno have my best wishes. Again thank you for your gift, Dr. Kouymjian!

Dr. Martha
Googooian Ensher
Fresno, Ca

Dear Editor:

I have been receiving your newspaper for a long while and enjoy it a lot. The address that you send it to is correct despite recent notions on my envelope to the contrary, probably scribbled on by the Singaporian Post Office.
The reason I am writing you is to seek the assistance of your paper in finding a correspondent in Armenia. I have written to all those names that appeared  in your last edition received in Australia. However please note that I have written to a myriad of people but not one of my letter received a reply.

I write on behalf of a benevolent group that normally send parcels of goods, toys, school items, books to people who have means and poor and have been doing so since 1980. I want to do the same for those in Armenia, Nagorno-Karabagh, and the Georgian region of Akhalkalak which is mainly inhabited by Armenians of little means. A sample of the letter send recently is attached for your perusal. Please refer to the highlighted area which briefly describes the manner of our operation. Please diffuse this letter or its meaning in your next edition, together with my name and address for any correspondent to contact me regarding the above. May be you also have a way or mean to introduce us to correspondents in Armenia? We seek your assistance in this respect. A final point: Is there anybody out there who has written to Armenia by mail and whose letter has actually gone through? I am willing to bet that apart from phoning or occasional fax nothing goes through. With all my sincere gratitude and thanks, I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Paul Georges Manoukian
Sydney, Australia

Dear Editor: Greetings

Last year, the Japanese Institute of Armenia celebrated its 5th anniversary. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our friends, both domestic and foreign, for their cooperation and support.

This commemorative booklet titles “Armenia” has been published as one of the 5th anniversary events.
On April 1, 1996, JIARM announced that the group name was changed to “Japan Armenia Friendship Association,”
In 1991 all the Japanese who were interested in Armenia gathered to found an official organization which was named “Japanese Institute of Armenia.”

Since its establishment, JIARM has endeavored to promote Armenian Studies in Japan and develop mutual understanding between Japan and Armenia, and holding a unique position in Japan.
We assure that we do our utmost to promote cultural relationship and friendship with Armenia.

Japan Armenian Friendship Association
(Ex-Japanese Institute of Armenia)
Hideharu Nakajima
Kanagawa-ken, Kawasaki-si