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Staff Report

Dear Editor:

Keep up the good work.

Ms. Tamara Mchitarian
Rockford, IL

Dear Editor:

I really like the “Hye Sharzhoom!”

Mrs. Jackie Kurkjian
Valley Village, CA

Dear Editor:

Enjoy reading your paper! Keep it coming!

Anthony P. Mezoian
S. Portland, Me.

Dear Friends,

Enclosed is a donation for your wonderful newspaper. I send the donation in memory of my father, Donabed Vanitzian, who was interested in journalism as a career but was unable to pursue it when World War II broke out.

I learned of his passion for journalism after his death, after I had concluded a successful 19-year career as a professional journalist.

I encourage all of you to continue in journalism, because we need you to document current affairs. If you will not do it, who will?

God bless you all.
Carissa Vanitzian
Scottsdale, AZ