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Hye Sharzhoom at 25

Barlow Der Mugrdechian

Twenty-five years ago, in the spring of 1979, Hye Sharzhoom began its existence at Fresno State, when a small group of students, under the direction of Dr. Dickran Kouymjian, realized a dream that continues today.

That first special edition was devoted to the Armenian Genocide, and to the recognition of the genocide. Succeeding issues have brought attention to a variety of topics.

Hye Sharzhoom has remained true to its mission to reflect the views of students on a variety of local, national, and world events. It is the oldest continuously published student newspaper in the world, and the tradition of student involvement remains as strong as ever.

Every semester, a hard-working group of students meet to discuss what should be in that semester’s Hye Sharzhoom. The process reveals the interests of the students and their curiosity and in that way the newspaper retains its contemporary interest for each new generation.

A look into the past issues is a mirror of Armenian life, from the concern about the effects of assimilation, to the change from a Soviet Armenia to an independent Armenia, from the change in the student population to reviews of historical issues.

Hye Sharzhoom has provoked and challenged its readers and has been richly rewarded with the response of its readers, through letters and cards. This response has been satisfying to the student staff.

For students, Hye Sharzhoom has also been a learning experience and an opportunity to interact with faculty and the community.

Due to the support of its loyal readers, Hye Sharzhoom has been distributed for free for twenty-five years to more than 7,000 people throughout the world.
Wherever there are Armenians, there is Hye Sharzhoom.