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Gifts and Books

Staff Report

The Armenian Studies Program, its Sahatdjian Library and the Avedian Archives, would like to thank the following individuals for their generous donations.

Counsulate General of the Republic of Armenia, of Beverly Hills, for a subscription to Armenia and the World.
Thamar Dasnabédian for the book: Dasnabédian, T., Tiramayr-2 , Beirut:, Sipan,1997.
Department of Armenian Affairs, of Portugal, for Catalogue des Manuscrits Armeniens de Venise Vol. VII.
Diocese of the Armenian Church of America of New York for: Arzoumanian, Z., Azgapatum, History of the Armenian Nation Volume Four Book Two 1930-1955 , New York: St. Vartan Press, 1997 and the set of Etchmiadzian journals.
Diocese of the Armenian Church of Iran for Manoogian, A., Shoghardzak (Rays) Vol. 4. Iran: Alik Publishers, 1997.
Dr. Molly Ruth Harris of Washington D.C. for The History of Holy Places of Jerusalem. Constantinople, 1727.
Fiona Hill, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Two reports on the Caucasus: The Search for Peace in Chechnya A Sourcebook 1994-1996 and The Caucasus and the Caspian 1996-1997 Seminar Series Volume II.
Japan Armenia Friendship Association (Ex-Japanese Institute of Armenia) for the 5th Anniversary of the booklet ÒArmeniaÓ.
Prof. Dickran Kouymjian Response to “Modern Armenian culturé” the distinguished lecture of Levon Zekiyan”, Armenian Perspectives . United Kingdom, Curzon, 1997, pp.355-361.
Mr. Henry Manoogian of Amherst for a copy of: Ghazarian, V., (Edited by), A Village Remembered, The Armenians of Habousi. Waltham, Mayreni Publishing, 1997.
Dr. Rubina Peroomian of Glendale for her book, Peroomian, R., A.R.F.-Bolshevik Relations in Armenia 1917-1921, Erevan: Erevan University Press.
Mrs. Helen Pilibosian and H. Sarkissian of Watertown, copies of: Sarkissian, H., From Kessab to Watertown: A Modern Saga, Massachusetts: Ohan Press 1996 and the poem: The Round Sound.
Dr. Bill Rice of Fresno for the books and periodicals on Agroscience and Farm Management.
Scholars Press, Ghougassian, V., The Emergence of the Armenian Diocese of New Julfa in the Seventeenth Century, Atlanta: Scholars Press 1998.
Sarkis Shahinian of Switzerland for his book Armenien Tagebuch einer Reise in das Land des Ararat., Zurich: 1995.
Spurk Magazine of Beirut Lebanon for a copy of their magazine.
Mr. Pascal Tchakmakian of France for copies of his books: Tchakmakian, P., Le Crepuscule Des Angel, Paris: 1984 and Tchakmakian, P., Les Contes du Ballon Rouge. Paris: 1986.
Mr. Ara Topouzkhanian of Fresno for the books: Aved, T., Toomas the Little Armenian Boy . Fresno: Pioneer Press 1979 and Jebejian, L., Life in Christ, Los Angeles: 1995.
Arman Vartanyan of Istanbul for a copy of his book: Vartanyan, A., A Pair, Istanbul: 1997.
Vernadoun Monthly of Glendale California for a subscription to their magazine Vernadoun Monthly.
Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund, of Waltham MA a copy of: Ghazarian, V., Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, An Anthology of Transformation 13th – 19th Centuries, Waltham: Mayreni Publishing 1998.
Gift unknown: Danielian, S, The Inner Artistic World of Rob Haddejian, Turkey:1996.