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Everyone Needs An Uncle- Movie “Uncle Rafael” Entertains

Tatevik Hovhannisyan
Staff Writer

Uncle RafaelEveryone needs an uncle—one who is always cheerful and willing to listen. Everyone needs an uncle like Uncle Rafael, from the newly released movie “Uncle Rafael.”

Iranian-American actor, writer, and director Vahik Pirhamzei, who plays the main role of Uncle Rafael and also his son Hamo, is Armenian.

The movie focuses on a charismatic old man, Uncle Rafael, who immigrated to America from Syria with his two children. Rafael works at his family coffee shop, Hamo’s, providing customers priceless advice and cheerful jokes along with their drinks. It is his personality that brings his customers back.

One of Uncle Rafael’s customers is a script writer in search of an inspiration for a new show. This customer soon comes up with a concept- that Uncle Rafael should be the focus of a reality TV show.

Although reluctant at first, Uncle Rafael accepts the offer to be part of the show, on one condition, “It’s my way or the freeway.” In this reality show, Rafael plays the uncle in a dysfunctional family, who is going through a divorce. Despite the family’s struggle he tries to bring them together with his wise Armenian words.

Vahik Pirhamzei does of a great job of playing both characters, giving them both their own funny personalities. This funny and entertaining movie is definitely worth watching with family and friends.