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Eench Ga Chga


Elizabeth-GentileElizabeth Gentile
Major: Business Administration

Ever since I enrolled in Armenian Studies 108A (Armenian History I) with Professor Der Mugrdechian, I fell in love with Armenian history. One part of Armenian history that speaks to my heart is that Armenia was the first nation to declare itself entirely a Christian nation.

Arnold-MuradyanArnold Muradyan
Major: Biomedical Physics

Armenian culture is one of the most ancient cultures in the world. Today, Armenian culture is part of my own history. My parents always tried to preserve Armenian culture in my life. I was exposed to an Armenian community in Russia and now I am exposed to the Armenian community in Fresno. The unique language, history, and literature will always be part of the Armenian culture that I will value, cherish, and be proud of as an Armenian, for the rest of my life.

Davit-GrigoryanDavid Gevorgyan
Major: Kinesiology

I love the fact that Armenian culture contains good moral principles, and would love to see those values engraved on every Armenian’s heart.

AramHajianAram Hajian
Major: Business Administration

The close-knit relationship a lot of Armenians share in this area (or almost anywhere in the world) is touching. Armenians treat each other like family, even if they have never even met before. Although the Genocide did tear us apart, it also brought us closer together.

Photos: Barlow Der Mugrdechian.