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Eench Ga Chga-What’s Happening?

Staff Report

Question: What made you decide to take an Armenian language course this semester?

Pg. 5-Mounah S-finalName: Mounah Saksouk
Year: Junior
Major: Biology

“I enjoy many different cultures and by taking Armenian language I believe I can be diversified. Now I will be able to communicate with my Armenian friends back home. I realize how interesting the language is. Prof. Der Mugrdechian is a great teacher who makes me enjoy the class.”



Pg. 5-Marces M-finalName: Marces Mendoza
Year: Freshman
Major: Criminology

“My friend Armen convinced me to take it. He made the language seem interesting. I have been around him a long time and every time he would talk to his dad in Armenian I would be amazed, so I wanted to learn the language so I could understand what they were saying.”



Pg. 5-Vachagan V-finalName: Vachagan Vardanyan
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology

“I forgot the Armenian alphabet and needed to improve my reading.”




Pg. 5-Jackeline I-finalName: Jackeline Ibarra
Year: Sophomore
Major: Liberal Studies

“I have a lot of Armenian friends and Armenian culture has always interested me. I would like to be able to communicate with my Armenian friends and I am really enjoying the class and am learning a lot.”



Pg. 5-Parker N-finalName: Parker Nalchajian
Year: Freshman
Major: Mathematics

“I decided to take the Armenian language class because a lot of my family can speak Armenian, but my father’s generation did not learn. I didn’t learn Armenian so I’m taking it to satisfy my curiosity.”