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Eench Ga Chga

Windy Dunbar
Staff Writer

What are the positive or negative aspects of dating in the Armenian community?



Gary Krboyan

One is more apt to find an Armenian partner within the Armenian community, if that is their preference. A negative aspect is that many Armenians in Fresno are conservative and have some beliefs that are not progressive.




Courtney Chooljian

The good thing about dating an Armenian are the family values they share. As for the negative aspects, Armenians like to know your business, so there is a lot of “oh, they are going to get married.”




Kristina Pogosyan

As a young Armenian female I find that dating in the Armenian community is a positive thing. Since I was raised with high moral values I was always taught that dating and marrying an Armenian was morally and culturally justifiable. Consequently, I find that the only way that we can keep our Armenian heritage vital is to date and marry other Armenians. I see it as a cultural standard.