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Eench ga Chga

Hakop Tataryan
Staff Writer

What is your first impression of the Armenian community at Fresno State?

pg.-6-Karine-finalKarine Frnzyan
Chemistry – freshman

Everyone seems to bond together like brothers and sisters. They seem to welcome every kind of Armenian with open arms, and that’s awesome. I am proud to be part of this community.



pg.-6-SuzyP-finalSuzie Pogosyan
Fashion Design – freshman

I have met a lot of Armenians on campus; unfortunately I never see them all in one place. “The Community,” seems to be dispersed all over, I guess that is an epitome of the global Armenian community, isn’t it?


pg.-6-Marine-finalMarineh Krioghlian
Pre-Nursing – freshman

Umm…. You know, I should probably go to an ASO meeting before I can answer this question properly.



pg.-6-Svetlana-finalSvetlana Bagdasarov
Pre-Nursing – freshman

“I am very pleased to see and be a part of the cultural unity and the tremendous impact Armenians are having on the Fresno State Campus.”