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Eench Ga Chga?

Denise Altounian
Staff Writer

As the holiday season approaches, what are you most looking forward to?

pg.6-MenasMenas Arisian
Major: Business

I really look forward to spending more time with family and friends.  I am also excited and thankful for the good Armenian meals that will be provided.



pg.6-Vachagan VardanyanVachagan Vardanyan
Major: Computer Science

What I look forward to most is the company of friends and family. Being so busy all the time, it’s nice to relax for a couple of days and appreciate those you have around you.



pg.6-Elena SarmazianElena Sarmazian
Major: Psychology

As the holiday season approaches I’m really looking forward to all the “holiday” food that we are going to eat, like blinchiks, khash, t’tu, and so on.



pg.6-Sona SoghomonianSona Soghomonian
Major: Chemistry

I am most looking forward to eating and spending time with family.