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Tatevik Hovhannisyan
Staff Writer

What is the importance of an independent Republic of Armenia?

pg.6-DanielleTDanielle Tanielian
Major: Biomedical Physics

It is important that we can say we are an independent nation. Independent Armenia signifies a group of thriving and surviving Armenians who refuse to give in to anyone’s commands any longer. Personally, I am filled with pride knowing that Armenia is an independent, significant nation, composed of people who continue to leave a forever-growing mark on the world.

pg.6-NoyemeKazaryanNoyeme Kazaryan
Major: Chemistry

Armenia, given the chance to be an independent nation, is a huge stepping stone on the road to recovery and success.
We were allowed the long awaited opportunity to create our own culture and diplomatic relations without the pressure of a power hungry Soviet supervisor. Nonetheless, we paid a high price for our independence. September 21 marks a day on the calendar where we finally took the initiative to shine above the rest.

pg.6-HaverjSHaverj Stanboulian
Major: Biology

Every individual defines freedom in a different way. Armenians were under Soviet rule for a long time and once we got our independence, we were free, independent.  Mothers were able to teach their children the Armenian alphabet freely, authors had more freedom in writing. When Armenia declared independence from the Soviets on September 21, 1991, it allowed the Armenian culture to flourish even more, and this is the importance of an Independent Armenia.

pg.6-HovsepNHovsep Nagapetian
Major: Biology
Minor: Armenian Studies

The independence of Armenia is important because it shows that through all the struggles thrust upon us, we rose above what was expected and established a long and lasting freedom in which we are no longer oppressed or controlled.
As a young Armenian I am proud to say that my people are free and have the choice to do what suits them best, as opposed to an established regime in which there is no free thinking and every aspect of life is controlled. Now if only we could get the issue of the Genocide resolved. That would complete everything.