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Tatevik Hovhannisyan
Staff Writer

Why do you think recognizing the Armenian Genocide is important?

pg. 6-KnarikKnarik Kazaryan
Major: Biology

Recognizing the Genocide is the least the world can do towards the affirmation of such a crime. What would it be like if Turkey had succeeded in the complete extermination of the Armenians? All the great Armenian contributors, famous artists, builders, scientists, doctors, and many more, would not have existed. I can’t fathom the thought. Until we all choose to think likewise, Armenian or non-Armenian, we will be accomplices to the denial.

pg. 6-Aram HajianAram Hajian
Major: Business Administration, Finance

The Armenian Genocide needs to be recognized globally, because of the definition assigned to the term genocide by the United Nations. The definition is applicable to what happened to the Armenian people in 1915. By not recognizing what happened in 1915 as Genocide, Turkey has shown the rest of the world that it is possible to avoid consequences for actions that are illegal globally.

pg. 6-Marine VardanyanMarine Vardanyan
Major: Public Health

We have all heard of the saying “history repeats itself.” I believe this is especially true when great humanitarian tragedies are ignored or when the severity of the events is understated. Every violation of human rights deserves recognition and reparation. If we recognize the Holocaust and the Bosnian Genocide, why then, do we not recognize the first Genocide of the 20th century? It is a tragedy that denial of the Genocide continues to spread the message that yes, you can get away with such heinous crimes.

pg. 6-Alik PilavianAlik Pilavian
Major: Liberal Studies

It is important to recognize the Armenian Genocide because not only has there been 98 years of denial, but those who were killed were our ancestors. The 1.5 million that were killed are the reason why we have this drive to keep going and never give up. I think it is extremely important to educate as many people as we can about what happened to our people. By educating ourselves, as well as others, we will one day achieve what we have been fighting for. We will never forget nor will we back down.