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Eench Ga Chga

Staff Report

pg. 6-Ani Grigoryan-AndrewAni Grigoryan

I’m Armenian, and I think it is something that all Armenians must do-get the word out to others. Not many people have heard of the Armenian Genocide and I hope that the more people learn, the stronger we will be in our fight for recognition.


pg. 6-Michael RettigMichael Rettig

I get involved in these events because of how important it is for we, as Armenians, to remember the suffering of our ancestors—no matter how much time has passed and no matter how far we are from our homeland. It’s important as Armenians to continue to gather yearly on this day to be a voice for justice and the rights of all people. These events do an amazing job drawing curious students on campus. I’m very proud of ASO for their work in spreading awareness of Armenian culture and cause on campus.

pg. 6-Tatevik-AndrewTatevik Hovhannisyan

I love doing this because it makes me feel that I am doing something for the people who lost their lives and land during the Armenian Genocide. I am happy that I can make a difference and inform other students about the Genocide. We prepared many events during the week to teach everyone the basics about the Genocide.


pg. 6-Noel Lenard-AndrewNoel Lenard

The Armenian Genocide is often an overlooked atrocity, and if I can do anything to make people aware of its occurrence, I will. I also want to honor the memory of the lives lost during the Genocide. By gaining knowledge, people can speak intelligently on the issue, and if more people want to acknowledge the Genocide for what it was, change can eventually occur.