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Eench Ga Chga

Staff Report

The campus programming board, USU Productions, hosted “Camp Darfur” to raise awareness about genocides on Monday, March 5, 2012. The Armenian Genocide was one of six genocides represented. We asked students who visited the Armenian Genocide tent to share their reactions.

pg. 4-Oleg Muradyan-DarfurOleg Muradyan
Junior- Nursing

“I’m Armenian myself, and the reaction I felt was to be prouder of my country and my people.”




pg. 4-John G.-DarfurJohn Gonzalez
“I didn’t know that so many Armenians were killed during the Genocide. Learning about these atrocities is alarming, but also helpful because we are learning about history.”




pg. 4-Laura C-DarfurLaura Carroll
Senior- English

“I did not know much about the Armenian Genocide before the “Camp Darfur” event, but reading and seeing things about the Armenian Genocide was so sad. There should be more organizations willing to bring these sad facts to light. Perhaps it will change the world for the better.”



pg. 4-Natacha-DarfurNatacha Woodson
Double major:
Mathematics & African American Studies

“Before this event I was not informed about the Armenian Genocide. The similarities between the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust were very interesting, and the pictures that showed the malnutrition of the Armenians were especially shocking.”