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Eench ga Chga

Knar Mekhitarian
Staff Writer

What is your favorite Armenian course taken at Fresno State so far, and why?

Gina Jelladian-finalGina Jelladian

That is a hard question to answer! The Armenian Studies Program is filled with so many great classes – history, literature, art, and architecture. They all have something very unique to offer. If I had to choose only one, I would say the weekend course on the history of the Armenian Church. We all attend badarak [Divine Liturgy] on Sundays, but there are so many significant pieces to the service that people from our generation don’t necessarily understand the roots of. It was very interesting to learn all of these details and the history of them. Thumbs up professor Barlow!


Nayiri-finalNayiri Moumdjian

My favorite Armenian courses taken so far have been the Armenian language courses, Armenian 1A and 1B, because before then I didn’t know how to read or write in Armenian. It taught me a lot and I am grateful for the classes because I can now read Armenian text as well as write in Armenian.



Faten M-finalFaten Kassabian

Armenian 148 (Masterpieces of Armenian Culture) is my favorite class. I’m half Armenian and the class really broadened my views on our beautiful heritage. I know about our culture from family, church, and going to Armenian school…but this class teaches so much more. It brings out the past that we might not be too familiar with. It teaches us about people and events from the fifth century such as Mesrob Mashtots, the inventor of the Armenian alphabet, to St. Nerses Shnorhali who I wasn’t familiar with.

I personally liked learning about the sharagans, spiritual poetry and sacred songs. Prof. La Porta is such a great teacher. He shows excitement and gets the whole class involved. He knows so much about Armenians and our culture. That’s what keeps us excited! I always look forward to class because I know I’m going to enjoy the lectures and learn something new. It’s such a wonderful class—you’ll learn so much and love it.”