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Eench ga Chga

Mari Koshkakaryan
Staff Writer

How would you describe Armenian music?

march_2009_no_105020008Ani Grigoryan
Major: Business Administration

“Armenian music is very similar to European style music. However, Armenian music uses ancient instruments, which grab my attention.”



march_2009_no_105020007Miranda Barile
Major: Undeclared

“Armenian music sounds very Middle Eastern, but different from other cultures because of the oud. When I hear Armenian music I always think of my grandmother and how music is so important in Armenian culture.”


march_2009_no_105020006Lori Havatian
Major: Journalism

“Armenian music to me is more than a rhythm and a melody; to me Armenian music tells a story of our past, future, and present. I don’t feel that way with any other music because I have a special place in my heart for the beautiful words of an Armenian song.”


march_2009_no_105020005Brooke Bedrosian
Major: Journalism

“I would describe Armenian music as fun! It is amazing to watch everyone at parties dance to the same music that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is what makes us special as a culture and makes Armenian music different than any other type of music.”