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Eench ga Chga?

Svetlana Bagadarov
Staff Writer

Question: “If you had the opportunity to visit Armenia, where would you visit first, and why?”



Name: Erin Surabian
Major: Speech Pathology
Year: Junior

I would first like to visit Etchmiadzin, because I have learned so much about this church from many Armenian Studies courses.



Name: Hagop Ohanessian
Major: Business
Year: Sophomore

If I were to visit Armenia, I would visit the ancient Armenian churches first. Since I have taken Armenian Studies 20, I was able to learn about Armenian art and the beautiful churches. I would also like to visit the Martyr’s Monument in order to pay tribute to those who died in the Genocide. Finally, I would like to see Mount Ararat because Noah’s Ark landed on this mountain.


Name: Ani Menendian
Major: Undeclared
Year: Sophomore

If I had the opportunity to go back to Armenia, I would definitely visit the Martyr’s Monument first. I believe that all Armenians, at least once in their lives, should visit this memorial. I would also like to see Khor Virab again, because of its amazing history and view of Mount Ararat.



Name: Darren Janigian
Major: Engineering
Year: Senior

I would visit Kharpert, because my great-grandparents came from historic Armenia and even though it is now a part of Turkey, I have always wanted to get a better idea of my family’s heritage.