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DJ’s of The Hye Oozh Radio Show

By Tina Attashian

As we entered the room, we saw Aram looking through his CD’s selecting his next set of songs. Then as he introduced his next song Garo and I had sat down to talk to him. As we were interviewing Aram, the melody of the great music and constant ringing of the phone from listeners created an energetic atmosphere in the room. We began by asking about the history of the show and learned that it began about five years ago when Rose approached KFSR with the idea of starting up an Armenian program. Then Aram, who has been with the show for about three and a half years, was first recruited to do the news about Armenia but now is also a DJ for the show. He then shared with us his first experience on the air, “Since it was my first experience in doing something like this, the first day I was a wreck. I was so nervous that I was shaking sweating and mumbling. It took me a couple of weeks to get the hang of it and now I’m just used to it”

Then after getting another song ready for transition, Aram told us of their routine on Saturday mornings. He said at times there is problem with the door being locked, so they run around trying to find someone to unlock the room which makes the show begin later than it should. After they get situated, they have paper work to complete because they have all the responsibilities that take place in the room and on the air every Saturday 10:00am-12:00pm. After all that, the fun begins with creating the selection of songs, answering the phone, talking to listeners, making up a list of requests, announcing upcoming events in the Armenian community, dedicating songs, and enjoying the music.

Learning more about the program, Aram told us that the Hye Oozh show has no connection to any organization. He commented that their CD’s belong to Rose so that no one can have the authority to tell them what to play, what not to play, or even which announcements they can make on the air. He stated that the program will play any kind of music so long as it is has an affiliation to an Armenian. Aram gave us an example, “ If someone asked me to play a rock, rap or classical song I would so long as an Armenian had some sort of connection to it, such as, being the singer or the producer.”

He also talked of how the program is not only a fun aspect of their lives but one in which added to their lives working for a radio station. Aram states, “Even though it is only campus radio, at the time it was the experience I needed to get the job at KMPH news radio. ” In addition he admitted that getting a thank you from people in the community is what truly makes it all worth while.

Lastly, Aram talked about the fact that both he and Rose were graduating this year and that he will miss the moments on air, talking to the listeners, and knowing that he is making a difference in the lives of the 400-600 listeners in the Armenian community of Fresno. However, they are both in the pursuit of finding a committed person or persons to take over the show. Aram stresses the importance of picking the new candidate as he says, “ The show is like my baby. I’m going to be very picky in choosing who is going to take over. This is not only a job filled with fun but it requires someone who is serious in dedicating every Saturday morning to the show.”

In conclusion, we end this article by thanking both Aram and Rose for dedicating their Saturdays to the lives of the Armenian community. The show is appreciated by many people in the community and we wish you all the best for your future.