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Check Him Out!

By Tina Attashian

Garo Nakashian, the cartoonist that introduced Katch Vartan II to you in previous Hye Saharzhoom editions, participated in an annual senior portfolio show for graphic design majors. The show took place in the Conely Art Gallery on April 15, 1997 and among thirteen other students he presented 3 years of his work in a portfolio. His portfolio inluded illustration work and advertising pieces which totaled his presentation to 15 works of art. Looking at his diverse set of pieces, I asked him which art work was his favorite. He replied, “I don’t have a favorite piece of work because every piece I do is done with equal amount of dedication, enthusiasm and enjoyment.”

While listening to him talk, I could hear the passion and admiration he held for his major, graphic design. He mentioned how graphic design was enjoyable but challenging, “I have to use my talents and skills to create an interest to all consumers that are presetned the particular project I’m working on.” He then described the field as one in which was hidden to people and explained how people generally look at a particular product and don’t see the visual communication that is being sent to them. Asking him to explain what he meant, he left me with a few question to think about, “When you pick up magazine and read a facinating article is it the pictures, the presentation of the title and subtitles that attracted you to read it? How about if you are picking a book to read, is it the book cover that initiates your interest to read the preface? Or how about when you are watching TV, have you ever seen a commercial that makes you want to leave your house and buy a product?” All these questions gave me a better understanding on graphic design and the effects it has on it’s viewers.

After grasping a better understanding of Garo’s field, he then explained to me that the the graphic design program is being modernized by Charles Shileds, a local business owner and professor at Fresno State. He explained to me that the classes now allowed students to primarily work with computers and commented, “ I like it, it makes me feel prepared to face the real world.”

To conclude our discussion I found out that Garo after graduation, would like to work for an advertising firm or design studio in Fresno or the Bay Area. If you seem him around campus, stop him to check out his art work. It’s capturing to the eye!