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CD Review

 Staff Report

The Chookasian Ensemble CD is a live recording of a concert performed at the Los Angeles Public Library / Mark Taper Concert Hall. The Ensemble perform classical Armenian traditional folk songs and dances. These selections were written by such famous composers as Sayat Nova, Gomidas, Koussan Ashod and others.

The Chookasian Ensemble features John and his wife, Barbara Chookasian. Also part of the Ensemble are Garo Bedrossian, Sourik Mekhrabian, Haig Tashchyan, and Jirayr Baganian. The Ensemble instrumentation includes the oud, tar, kanun, dudak, clarinet, bass guitar, guitar, tompoog, and dahul. So much of our time is spent on listening to more modern music that there isn’t as many people listening to our wonderful older Armenian traditional songs and dance music anymore. We must hear them and appreciate them for they represent a part of our rich heritage.

Songs such as “Hars Em Gnoum,” which is about a young bride who is going to be married and her feelings, is a great example of what people are missing if they don’t have and listen to these songs.” Anush Davigh” is also another great classic available on this CD.

The traditional folk songs played on this CD are not only very beautiful but they vital to keeping the Armenian culture alive. Its nice to have a number of these songs all on one CD.

This CD is great to have in your collection. To obtain a copy of either a CD or a cassette, you can contact John Chookasian, 2511 West Browning, Fresno, CA 93711; (209) 449-1777.