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ASO Winter Dance is a Success

Sevag Tateosian

On Saturday, February 22, the Armenian Students Organization held its first Winter Dinner Dance which took place at the Smittcamp Alumni House. The dance was open only to ASO alumni and current ASO members; also present were Dr. Dickran Kouymjian and Barlow Der Mugrdechian. The atmosphere at the dance was like something out of a beautiful fairy-tale. There was a delicious Italian buffet, catered by the University Food Services and immediately following the meal, the music kicked on and everyone began to dance. All of them joined in a traditional Armenian “Shourch-Bar” (Line Dance) that took up most of the dance floor.

dance_collage_tnPhoto: 1) Advisor Barlow Der Mugrdechian, Treasurer Carina Karkashian, President Sevag Tateosian, Vice President Tatevik Ekizian, Secretary Erica Ananian, Historian Nyrie Karkazian 2) Michael Arakelian, Carina Karakashian, and Mike Hollis 3) Erica Ananian and Glen Eastes 4) Dikran Chekian, Walid Chami, Ani Estephanian, Marine Ekezian, Zhanna Baghdasarov 5) Stephanie Rivas & guest, Zaruhi Oganesyan, Aida Vareldjian, Rose Oganesyan, Mandy Estrada 6) Mike Hollis, Karnig Kazarian, Sevag Tateosian, Michael Arakelian 7) Talin Karkazian, Christina Karakashian, and Karnig Kazarian 8) Erica Ananian, Glen Eastes, Tatevik Ekezian, Hovsep Kocaoghlu, Tamer Anabtawi, Gevork Aristakesyan 9) Alex Bunch and Dr. Dickran Kouymjian.

The ASO executive did a wonderful job decorating, as candles and beautiful shining rocks were placed as centerpieces to give each table a cozy look. ASO members and alumni were waiting so impatiently for this event that they made reservations well in advance to guarantee themselves a seat. Overall everyone who attended the dance had a wonderful time. This was apparent as shining smiles were being seen in all corners of the room.