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ASO Fall Activities

By Arakel Arisian
ASO President

Almost half way through the year the Armenian Students Organization (ASO) is well into its many activities.  This semester has had many exciting, fun and productive events.  More importantly, the composition of the ASO membership has become very diverse with students from all walks of life, yet all of them are tied together by a common thread:  their Armenian heritage.

The executive of ASO has tried to balance social, educational, and fundraising events.  In order to do all of these things the ASO has had to be very active.  Fundraising events include a Hand Car Wash and a Shish Kebab Sale.  In fact the Shish Kebab Sale was so successful that we sold out within an hour.  ASO also joined an intramural volleyball league.  Although ASO had a losing record, it was a lot of fun.  Everyone would get together, play volleyball, and then go to the Me N Ed’s for pizza.  ASO has plans to join in other intramural sports next semester.  The ASO also plans a Cabin trip to Bass Lake for the weekend of December 5 – 7.

The ASO has also co-sponsored two Armenian Studies lectures by Dr. Richard Hovannisian and Ara Sarafian.    These lectures are very educational and they allow student to meet important Armenian Historians and Lecturers.  Future plans include a weekend student conference with students from Fresno State as well as other Universities.  At the conference students of Armenian Studies can get together, have group discussions, lectures, and have a good time.

This semester has been very successive, but the executive only looks to improve ASO even more.  Many students are already involved and we hope that more join next semester.  If there are any questions or comments please contact Arakel Arisian at arakela@csufresno.edu or call (209) 278-2669.