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ASO ’95, Dances the Night Away at Evening Formal


The dance began at eight in the evening with members of ASO greeting those who entered the restaurant with a friendly welcome. There was a calm and relaxed atmosphere at the beginning where people munched on the mezza, and mingled with one another. Then at nine o’clock our DJ RozieK began the music with a set of Armenian songs. Soon after, everyone who previously was sitting down were now up on their feet dancing. As the time proceeded more people entered the restaurant and the dance floor became less spacious. Daniel commented, “It was good to see that students from high schools, Fresno City College, Fresno State, and even people from out of town who travelled especially for the dance came and had a great time. They all were able to see a glimpse of what ASO is like, “and Karen Karabian added, “We welcome anyone who is interested in our organization and wants to come to the events we provide. We are ready to meet new people and encourage anyone who wants to join us in our semester of fun.”

The music was a combination of all kinds of international music; Armenian, Arabic, Greek, Spanish and American music. However, it didn’t seem to matter which kind of music was being played since everyone got into the rhythm of things and were enjoying every second of it. The sounds of people’s laughter and singing entangled with the music created an intense mood for being free spirited, and those who entered the restaurant were captured by the mood and joined in with all the fun. Talking to Aznive Tchapadarian she said, “After all the hard work we put into planning this dance, I let my hair down and enjoyed every second of the evening. I felt as if everyone had only one thought, and that was to have fun! All the planning was definitely worth it.” Then Greg Tchaparian said “One thing that I really liked about the dance was that there was a great variety of different people and everyone, even those who werenÕt Armenian, were enjoying themselves and getting into the music and dancing.”

The evening was composed of meeting new people, enjoying the music, dancing all night long, and creating new memories with friends. Although the dance lasted until early hours of the morning, the time seemed to fly. The dance came to end with president Raffy Khorozian thanking RosieK for her music, and to the people who came and joined ASO in the evening’s events.

People left the dance by complementing and thanking ASO for a wonderful evening, Khatchig Jingirian said “I want to thank all of you for all your hard work, your dance has been one of the best youth dances I have ever been to.” ASO is happy about the results of the evening since we not only had fun, but also provided others a chance to get to know us and provide them with an evening of pure enjoyment.