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ARS Summer Studies Program Brings Armenian Culture to Many Students

By Robert Sahatjian
Staff Writer

The Armenian Relief Society’s Armenian Summer Studies Program was an experience that I will always cherish. The A.R.S. Summer Studies Program which took place in Bradford, Mass., offers many areas of study which include: Armenian language, history, literature, music, art, and much more. This summer I was fortunate enough to be a part of this wonderful program.

The Summer Studies Program offers Armenian college students from all over the world a chance to gather and learn more about our rich heritage and people. This experience is truly one that all Armenian students can gain from. Not only did I come back more knowledgeable about where Armenians originated from, but I also had the opportunity to meet and interact with Armenian students from other countries, such as Canada, France and Russia. It is important that we as Armenians stay close with one another and continue to strive for unity.

University professors, who have an extraordinary amount of knowledge, and information concerning Armenian issues, teach the courses. Our director was Dr. Simon Payaslian, a professor at UCLA, who along with being the director of the program, also taught Armenian history. Dr. Peter Cowe from UCLA taught Armenian literature. Our Armenian language instructor was Mrs. Vehanoush Tekian from New Jersey. All of our professors were experts in their area of study and had much to offer.

This was definitely an experience that was educational and at the same time a lot of fun. The students that attended this past summer’s study program came from Montreal, Canada, Paris, France, Moscow, Russia, and from the United States. It was exciting to meet Armenians from other parts of the world and to see their viewpoints on Armenian related issues. I would strongly encourage all Armenian college students to get involved with this program to gain some more insight about our interesting history, literature, music, art, and much more.