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Armenians on the Internet Virtual Museum of Komitas

Armen Arikian – Staff Writer

Virtual Museum Of Komitas


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Soghomon Soghomonian, later known as the nineteenth century composer Komitas, remains a vital figure in Armenian folk music.  The late Komitas is most remembered as a revolutionary music teacher and the founder of Armenian classical music. Many Armenians may be unaware that the Armenian songs they chant and sing during the Divine Liturgy, such as “Der Voghormia,” are composed by Komitas. All the struggles and accomplishments of Komitas’ life are organized and displayed on the Virtual Museum of Komitas online and can be viewed in English, Armenian, and Russian. Komitas had a tragic life, and many wonder about the causes of his death. The Virtual Museum’s website has a section devoted to the findings of the extensive research on his illness which may change perspectives on his tragic end.

The Virtual Museum holds the answers to many mysteries to Komitas but also shares some of the pleasant memories of the classicist. Komitas was a vardapet, a singer, a musicologist, and a poet. Komitas had a profound influence on Armenian Church music as he devoted years of his life to studying Armenian sharakans, organizing choirs, and forming Armenian folk orchestras. Komitas’ songs, poems, and philosophical ideas are also on the website.

For those interested in studying Komitas’ life of tragedies and masterpieces, the Virtual Museum is a valuable source. The website also gives access to download many classical music compositions created by Komitas. The Virtual Museum of Komitas serves its purpose in displaying one of Armenia’s most influential and praised musicians, Komitas Vardapet, from the start of his life, to the end.

The Virtual Museum gives the opportunity for Komitas to be respected and honored for his contribution to Armenian folk music.