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Armenians on the Internet

Alex Bunch
Staff Writer

Touring Ani – Virtually

Address: http://www.virtualani.freeserve.co.uk/
Main Categories: History of Ani, Maps of Ani, Buildings of Ani, Message Boards, General Pictures, and Travelers Accounts
Brief Summary: Virtual Ani takes you an on an in-depth look at the Armenian capital city of Ani. Through many pictures and descriptions viewers are exposed to the once capital and now deserted city. The website looks like a map and by clicking your desired destination new pages fade in. One can also find a profound look at all of the churches that are/were housed within the city walls. Floor plans and history for each are provided. Overall, the site is very good: it is easy to navigate; it has a plethora of information, and a lot of beautiful and vivid pictures. An interesting aspect of the website is the fact that the whole thing can be viewed in Turkish. The webmasters are hoping to bring awareness to the Turkish government of the monumental churches that are slowly disintegrating within their borders.

Little Armenia

Address: http://www.littlearmenia.com
Main Categories: Professional links, Armenian supplies including clothing and books
Brief Summary: This Armenian website, Little Armenia, is centered around the theme of being Armenian. Through this website, one can find many Armenian supplies from the Hollywood area. Included are Armenian books, auctions, gas stations, Armenian history, Armenian schools, food recipes, and other services such as Armenian doctors and other professionals. One link even takes people to an Armenian senior center. Other features include links to jobs, shopping, and videos.
The idea behind this website is to promote a sense of Armenian community as well as to promote the many Armenian based businesses in the area. The site also allows one to find many Armenian products which are available.