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Tatevik Hovhannisyan
Staff Writer



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pg. 3-Hayeren Arm InternetWhen learning the Armenian language, one of the biggest obstacles is learning the alphabet, with 38 unique letters and sounds. The alphabet takes time and practice to be learned, but this website is a great reference for anyone trying to master Armenian.

Hayeren.hayastan.com is a fascinating and useful site for individuals that are working on learning the Armenian alphabet and language. It has many options that teach students how to learn Armenian and understand a little bit of everything about the language. It has various buttons used to learn the letters, either by just looking at them, hearing the sound of the letter or, by practicing writing the letter. In addition, the web site has an option to read Armenian literature, and includes the names and works of many important Armenian writers and poets.

If you don’t have an Armenian keyboard, this web site has a solution for you; it gives you   the option of writing your Armenian sentence in Latin letters and then converts your sentence into Armenian letters. It also includes a dictionary and has a self-teaching option. The self-teaching option teaches Armenian language punctuation, useful phrases and words, and the orthography of eastern and western Armenian.

An interesting category is that the site contains a list of Armenian names, both for men and for women. It gives many options for traditional and modern Armenian names that can help a person decide what to name their children.

This web site is a very useful for anyone interested in learning the Armenian language. In just thirty minutes the visitor can learn plenty of things about the Armenian language: letters, literature, grammar, and anything else Armenian.