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Armenians On the Internet

Armen Postoyan
Staff Writer

Armenian Sites on the Internet


Brief Summary:
Armenian Sites on the Internet is dedicated to all legitimate Armenian websites available. This site is intended to educate the Armenian people on many different aspects of Armenian culture, history, about the Genocide, Armenian literature, art, and even has sites dedicated to different Armenian owned businesses. This site is linked to almost 200 different sites ranging from sports to various Armenian newspapers around the world.

Main Categories:
Showcase, Culture, Recipes, Religion, Business, Organizations and Institutions, and News

Contact: narbey@shore.net



Brief Summary:
ArmeniaNow.com is an independent newspaper on the Internet based in Armenia. This site gives you up-to-the-minute news on current events in Armenia. If you would like to know more about current events that are taking place in Armenia, this website is the place to be.

Main Categories:
News, Features, Arts, Sports, Outside Eye, Archive, and Staff

Contact: info@armenianow.com