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Armeniavisit.org is a website that will be helpful for those planning a visit to Armenia; it provides its visitors useful tourist information. The homepage of the website provides a background of how Armenian culture developed. This information focuses mainly on the nation’s adoption of Christianity in 301 A.D. and ends with a description of current life in Armenia. The rest of this page features the creator’s purpose in developing the site—“to promote tourism to Armenia” and to emphasize that “Armenia offers a little something for every person.”

The website offers a variety of information and photos to encourage Armenians and non-Armenians alike to visit Armenia—including pictures of the beautiful scenery. The Resources section of the website provides addresses and phone numbers to notable museums in Armenia, such as the Matendaran and the Museum of Yeghishe Charents.

In this section several photos and descriptions of popular national monuments are displayed to help potential tourists decide which parts of Armenia they should visit. Some of the examples are the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin and Lake Sevan.
Another important section of the website, Armenian Gallery, features a wide array of scenic photos of Armenian landscape. For those who would prefer a more structured and informative trip to Armenia, Armeniainfo.org also suggests tours, located in the “Available Tours” section. From the wide range of photos, biographies, and history, Armeniainfo does well in preparing people to visit Armenia.