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Armen Arikian • Staff Writer
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Vem Radio concentrates on  Armenian media art and provides access to several radio programs, films, music, and books. It focuses on tradition and spiritual tastes more than modern.

There are about twenty free radio programs available for the public. Examples of the website’s radio programs include “World View,” “World Classical Music,” “Armenian Perspectives,” and “Hour of Fairy Tales.” These shows are organized under the “Programs” tab.

Vem radio provides a wide range of programs to match diverse tastes. Next to each program is a broadcast schedule of when live shows will air.  On the top right of the page is a section called “Live,” which directs the audience to a list of radio programs on air. Previously aired shows are archived on the website and can be found by clicking a specific program and looking at the section “Past Shows.”

Armenian independent films are also available for viewing under the section “Films.” Viewers can watch films such as “Shikahogh,” “Yerevan: City or Desert,” and “Deadly Formulas.” Many of these films focus on environmental and political issues currently affecting Armenia and its people.

Vem Radio’s goal is “to communicate in a language and medium that targets the human soul” (Vem Radio, 2011). This wide selection of radio programs, along with the short films, are used for this purpose—allowing viewers to not only enjoy the content, but to also self-reflect.