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Armen Arikian • Staff Writer
Armenia Info

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Terms such as “scenic beauty” and “rich history” often come to mind when referring to Armenia, but “vacation getaway” and “tourist destination” may not be as common. This is partly due to the lack of information about traveling to Armenia. The small size of Armenia may give the impression that there is not much to explore there, particularly for non-Armenians.

Armeniainfo is the ideal resource to gain an education about various tourist and recreational attractions in Armenia. The possibilities range from sightseeing, entertainment, education, as well as adventure. This website serves as an extensive database to educate people on the under-recognized potential that Armenia has to offer.

It is no longer necessary to devote hours of time on Google to find a particular destination in Armenia. Armeniainfo categorizes the country making points of interest easy to find. Nearly every important site in the nation—ranging from restaurants to museums—is available on the website.

The website also has a search engine, in case one has a specific location in mind, such as “Ani Plaza Hotel.” A simple entry of the name into the search engine will locate the background and contact information of the hotel.

Armeniainfo features an interactive map, located under the section titled Travel & Transportation. The map displays Armenia with colored labels of the various regions of the country. Selecting a region will display further details on that particular part of Armenia and explain its significance. The interactive map also goes into depth of the precise location of a variety of buildings, each represented by a specific icon, which if selected, provides further information on its location.

Armeniainfo welcomes people of all backgrounds, whether one is an expert on Armenian culture or an interested newcomer. Armeniainfo has plentiful information and ideas of exciting places to visit in Armenia. The website serves its purpose as an educational tool of the Armenian nation and culture.