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Armen Arikian
Staff Writer

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Spanning thousands of years of Armenian history, Armenica.org provides a wide variety of crucial information on current as well as past issues about Armenia. Armenica.org is essentially an online encyclopedia devoted to information about Armenia that is educational from a variety of perspectives.
All the information you need to write a report on Armenia is all clearly presented on Armenica.org. The website also provides updated demographics on details of the country’s  geography, population, economy, communications, transportation, and military. All of these statistics and facts are neatly organized and displayed in the “About Armenia” section of the website.

In the collection section, there is an array of political documents, religious manuscripts, and photos of famous khatchkars and monuments in Armenia. Many of Armenia’s famous monasteries and monuments are displayed, with a description of their location. This is very useful for anyone planning a visit to Armenia and to anyone who is looking to experience as much of the culture as possible.

A large index sorted by date is included in the Armenian history section, and there is an option for a list of significant historical figures in alphabetic order. After clicking on a topic one is interested in, one is provided with subtopics and an immense assortment of information that will surely add to ones knowledge of the Armenian culture.
The Armenian Genocide has its own section, with information on international recognition, and on recent research and lectures pertaining it. The website also includes detailed information on Armenia’s declaration of independence and a description of the symbolism of the colors and coat of arms of the  Armenian flag.

The “About Armenica” tab in the far top right corner of the site’s homepage gives visitors a detailed description of the website’s goals and accomplishments. This section also gives an acknowledgement of all the contributors to the information provided on the website. Under “News & Updates,” visitors are encouraged to sign up for a free online subscription to the website. These visitors will be regularly updated via e-mail about any new information to the website. All suggestions and opinions from the visitors are greatly appreciated and are taken into consideration in the process of continually building Armenica.org to be the most resourceful place for Armenian history and culture on the internet.