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Armenians on the Internet

Pateel Mekhitarian
Staff Writer

Sacred Sites


The culture of Armenia is enriched with generations of tradition. However, in addition to the music, food, people, and dance of the Armenians, the actual country of Armenia is a very cherished part of the culture. On the internet one finds numerous sites, which explain, illustrate, and provide interactive tours of Armenia. This site offers pictures and explanations of many sacred areas of Armenia. Along with each image of a special place in Armenia, there is also a brief paragraph, which explains the history. For example, this site includes descriptions of the Temple of Garni, where Armenians worshiped before the country converted to Christianity, the Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin, the Monastery of Geghard, the Khor Virap Monastery, and Mt. Ararat. These are examples of places which are very sacred to the people.

Arm Gate


The Christian religion is important in Armenian culture. This website provides pictures of numerous churches in many different areas of Armenia. For example, there are links to the churches of Northern, Central, and Southern Armenia, as well as Karabagh.