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Armenians on the Internet

Pateel Mekhitarian
Staff Writer



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The Internet is a magnificent tool to become more informed about the beautiful Armenian culture, which includes many forms of art. Armenian carpets, stone carvings, paintings, miniatures, and language are extremely distinctive.

Brief Summary:
www.armsite.com is a very informative website, which has a great description of some forms of Armenian art. Armenian painters, different Armenian rugs and carpets, Armenian miniatures, and maps of Armenia are all offered on this site. Each of these sections are clearly separated and introduced by a small description. The reader may click on the link to each heading and read about each section in more detail. Under Armenian painters for example, a number of brilliant painters are presented with their biographies and a gallery of their works. The artists include Hovhannes Aivazovsky, Martiros Saryan, Minas Avetisian, Hakob Hakobyan, and many others. The link to Armenian rugs and carpets provides detailed information about when the Armenians began making carpets and the different styles of carpets and rugs that were made. In addition, there are a variety of images portraying many beautiful carpets under the gallery link. Armenian miniatures are also described in a very detailed fashion, explaining how and when they were made, where they were made, and who created them.