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Armenians on the internet

Pateel Mekhitarian
Staff Writer



There are many informative websites on the Internet that have to do with the Armenians. A number of these sites enlighten the public about the unique and exclusive culture the Armenians have, with its very distinctive characteristics in food, music, art, history, and their way of life. One significant event in Armenian history is the Genocide of 1915. There are many websites on the Internet which describe the occurrences of the horrible event, however one specific site, www.theforgotten.org, contains more than just a description of the incident.

This website is a collection of information, which explains, relives, and illustrates the true hardships the people of Armenia lived through. The Armenian Genocide is described by a detailed time-line of the events, which occurred before, during and after the massacre. In addition to important dates, the website includes a video clip of an ABC News special from 1999. Numerous photographs are also provided from 1915. Finally, this website also supplies a list of all the survivors of the genocide with a video clip of their testimony about their experiences.