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Armenians on the Internet

Windy Dunbar
Staff Writer

Address: www.myspace.com
Myspace.com is a website devoted to bringing friends and strangers together, and provides a means of keeping in touch and discovering new people from all over the globe. Here’s how it works: one creates a profile in which they have a plethora of options to display their personality. Then slowly friends begin to find you, or you find them, and your “friends” list grows. They can leave you comments on your page about you, your pictures, or your blogs. One can send email to other Myspace users, post blogs, search profiles from all over the world, play games, find music, and lastly but most importantly, members are able to create or participate in group discussions.

Of the million plus groups, Armenians have formed over a hundred to discuss their own issues, whether they be relative to the benefit of society, or strictly for entertainment purposes.