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Armenians and the Internet

Virtual Matenadaran

Address: http://www.matenadaran.am

Brief Summary: The Matenadaran is one of the oldest and richest museums located in Yerevan, Armenia. It holds a huge collection of 11,000 manuscripts as well as many historical Armenian books and modern documents. The Virtual Matenadaran is the only web site that shares many of its priceless holdings. The site has a “virtual vault” that allows you to navigate through thousands of different manuscripts. You have the option of either browsing through the entire gallery, or searching for specific titles that interests you. The web site also offers information on Armenian history, geography, language, and literature.

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Armenian Volunteer Corps

Address: http://www.armenianvolunteer.org

Brief Summary: The Armenian Volunteer Corps is a new organization that is looking for a group of people in the Armenian Diaspora to serve as volunteers for one year in Armenia. Through their program, volunteers will be able to go to Armenia and discover their culture, help strengthen the communication between the Diaspora and homeland Armenians, and provide service to the homeland by assisting the people and helping to build communities. The program is a one-year commitment with an option of continuing service for a second year. If you want to travel to Armenia and make a difference, visit this web site for more information.

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