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Armenians and the Internet

By Ara Mekhitarian
Staff Writer

Address: http://www.armeniadiaspora.com/
Contact: info@armeniadiaspora.com
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Brief Summary
: Ever wonder how many Armenians there are in the world? The Armenian population of the world today is estimated to be a little more than 8 million. Armeniadiaspora.com gives you country by country figures of the Armenian population. It is interesting to see how many Armenians live in all of the different areas of the world. This site’s “History” page also does a great job in educating readers on how the Armenian Diaspora came to be formed. If you are planning on visiting Armenia, check out their “Travel/Tourism Commerce” page. It offers links to all of the different Armenian travel agencies around the world to help you organize your trip to Armenia.

1700th Anniversary of Christianity in Armenia

Address: http://www.freespeech.org/oneworld/1700/
Contact: onewm@usa.net
Categories: Introduction, Adoption of Christianity, The Armenian Church, History of the Church, Pilgrimage, Related Links.
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Brief Summary: In 2001, Armenia will celebrate the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity as the national religion of Armenia. It is the oldest Christian Church in the world. This web site offers information about the big celebration next year as well as interesting facts about the Armenian Church and the adoption of Christianity. The site also allows you to choose whether you would like to view the pages in English or Armenian depending on your preference. The “Related Links” page offers many other interesting pages with more information on Armenian Christianity, the Church, land and culture. Overall this is a great educational site that is easy to navigate and informs us more about Armenian Christianity.