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Armenians and the Internet

By Ara Mekhitarian
Staff Writer

Address: http://www.armenianradio.com
Contact: P. O. Box 1365 Burbank, CA 91507
Categories: Live Radio, Guestbook, Live Chat.
How to use: Just click on the play button in center of the page.
Brief Summary: Armenianradio.com is the first ever live Armenian radio broadcast over the Internet. Armenianradio.com is open 24 hours a day with never-ending live Armenian radio. Since May of 1999, armenianradio.com has attracted over 60,000 listeners all around the world. The purpose of this site is to broadcast the Armenian culture and play Armenian music nonstop via the Internet. While listening, you also have to option to chat live with all the other listeners worldwide.

Address: http://www.hyegirl.com
Contact: Feedback@hyegirl.com
Categories: News, Chat, History, Culture, Religion, Education, Politics, Business, Travel, Organizations, Entertainment, Sports, Recipes, Miscellaneous.
How to use: All menu options posted on left side of page, just point and click.
Brief Summary: Hyegirl.com was created mainly for the young audience. It is maintained by three young Armenian girls in the Los Angeles area. Hyegirl.com is a great place to meet young Armenian guys and girls via their “Chat Lounge” section. They also provide a party guide to keep you informed of all the latest Armenian parties and gatherings in the California area. Online horoscopes, live contests and advice on health are also neat features to check out. Overall, hyegirl.com is a fun site to explore and is a big favorite of many of the young Armenian web-surfers.