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Armenians and the Internet

By Ara Mekhitarian
Staff Writer

You don’t believe Armenia is the most beautiful place in the world? Armscape.com says check out their “Beauty of Armenia” section,  and you will change your mind. These two web sites are just a couple of the very interesting Armenian web sites I have explored.  Both sites are filled with current Armenian news, pictures and so much more.  Whether you are looking  to learn more about Armenia and Armenians, or just want to chat and read some funny Armenian jokes, log on to these sites and you’ll find what your looking for.


Address: http://armscape.com/
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Comments:  Armscape is a very professional looking web site. Its offers tons of information on Armenian Churches, Painters, Rugs and Carpets. Also, it has  a section on  the “1700 years of adopting Christianity in Armenia” and the big celebration in 2001. Through Armscape,  you can even subscribe to get your free weekly digest of news from Armenia.

Hye Toon

Address: http://www.euroway.com/HayTun/
Maintained by: Hye Toon
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Categories:  News, Chat, History, Culture, Religion, Education, Politics, Business, Travel, Organizations, Entertainment, Sports, Recipes, Miscellaneous.
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Comments: Hye Toon has everything from Armenian Recipes to Businesses. There you can search for any info related to Armenia, submit your own entries, and even chat in there own Chat Room.  Over all its a well developed site, and definitely worth the visit.