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Armenians and the Internet

By Ara Mekhitarian
Staff Writer

For those Armenians who are new to the Internet,  here are some excellent Armenian web sites that offer a lot of information.  Whether you are looking for Armenian news, pictures, jokes, books, businesses, or just want to chat and meet new Armenians, these web sites are the places to be. Also there is now a new Armenian email service.  You can get your free Armenian email account @ http://www.hyemail.com/.

Armenian Sites on the Internet

Hye Biz
Address: http://www.hyebiz.com/
Maintained by: HyeBiz.com
Supported by: HyeBiz Network
Categories: Hot this week, HyeBiz Focus, Ask The Expert, HyeBiz Market, Corporate Watch, History, ListServ, Members, Newsflash, Jokes, Links.
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Comments: HyeBiz is a Armenian web site that is updated daily. Each week it posts up the hottest Armenian web sites for that week. It also has a huge section on Armenia’s Geography, Culture, and Religion. Plus it has a “Ask the Expert” section, where you can ask questions related to health, cars, and finances to professional Armenians.  Overall it is a well designed site, with neat graphics and interesting information.

Address: http://www.Armenia.com/
Maintained by: Computer SuperHighway.
Supported by: Armenian.com
Categories:  Virtual Armenia, Hye Discussion, Hye Chat, Armenian Links, Search on the Internet, Armenian Fonts, Art Gallery, Genocide April 24, 1915, Book Store, Guestbook, Reference, Maps, News.
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Comments: A neat thing about Armenia.com is its “Virtual Armenia” section. It gives you a tour of several different sites all around Armenia.   It also has a large section on the Armenian Genocide, as well as Armenian Chat,  News from Armenia, and many Armenian books ready to be purchased on-line.  If you are Armenian, or just want to be more connected with Armenia, this site is a must-see.