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Armenians and the Internet

By Ara Mekhitarian
Staff Writer

Today, you can find just about any information you want about Armenians simply by logging on to the World Wide Web. There are several web sites on subjects such as: News in Armenia, The Armenian Genocide, Armenian Youth, Armenian Studies & Language, and many other related topics.  People are now chatting with family in Armenia as well as reading Armenian newspapers, all on their personal computer and in the comfort of their own home. As the Internet grows, so do the Armenians online. With so many Armenian Web sites, one can spend days surfing the net.  Here are a couple of those interesting and informative Armenian Web sites.

Armenian Sites on the Internet

Address: http://www.cilicia.com/
Maintained by: Raffi Kojian
Supported by: Raffi Kojian
Categories:  Main, Genocide, Books, Fonts, Mall, Karabakh, Tourism, Church, Sports.
How to use:  There is a left hand menu bar where all the main links are posted. Simply click on the section you want more information on.
Comments: This web site offers over 270 pages of useful Armenian information.  It offers a huge section on the Genocide, with many pictures and much information.  It also has a “Hall of Fame” list of Armenians,  over 750 Armenian titled books, as well as a series of Armenian Fonts and Files you can download.

Armenia Online
Address: http://www.armeniaonline.com/
Maintained by: A group of Engineers and Ph.D.’s
Supported by: Armenia Online
Categories: Armenian Businesses, Top Interviews, Topics Of Interest, Armenian Books, Armenian Music, Armenian Chat, Horoscopes, Feature Magazines.
How to use: Like Cilicia.com, the web site has a easy to use bar menu on the left hand side.  Just select the link you would like more information on.
Comments: Not only does Armenia Online offer a directory of Armenian Businesses world wide, it also provides up to date news on Armenia. Armenia Online also has Armenian Chat, a fully Interactive Free Armenian Chat Service. This allows you to chat in real time and meet Armenians all around the world.